Directory v3.1 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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    Directory the Multi-purpose WordPress Theme is an absolutely unique premium WordPress theme, it is the result of our hardworking development team and constant feedbacks from users and buyers. This theme is built in cooperation with you! Your users will never have access to the WordPress dashboard, everything is done at front-end. You can, register, login, edit your profile, submit listings and Filtering and sorting search results so much more from the front-end without having to visit the WordPress dashboard.
    version 3.1
    Fixed: Directory Social Share (Add This) Posting Wrong image on Facebook Issue
    Fixed: Categories sorting by "title”, improved as well.
    Fixed: Directory Type image icons does not load with demo data import.
    Fixed: Radius slider should called on the basis of location fields on the home page. Users will need to add a location to load ads on the map with Ajax.
    Fixed: Directory page element do not load results for selected directory category
    Fixed: Ads filter with radius issue
    Fixed: Directory element popular post now sort accurately according to the settings
    Fixed: WPML switch (WPML is showing though the switch is OFF in theme options header)
    Fixed: Twitter tweets are not appearing on frontend (Tweets Cache, Date and Time format added In API Settings)
    Fixed: URL duplication issue in listing pagination

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