Flex Mag v1.05 – Responsive WordPress News Theme

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    Flex Mag v1.05 is the perfect combination of power and simplicity in a WordPress News & Magazine theme. Flex Mag does not require any coding knowledge and gives you the options and flexibility to put together the ultimate news site, but in a simple, straightforward way that doesn’t overwhelm you. Flex Mag comes with a custom Fly-Out Navigation, custom scoreboard, auto-load posts, 4 different pre-set skins, 9 different Featured Posts options, 8 different article templates, 700+ Google Fonts, and so much more!
    v1.05 – November 12, 2015
    Adds Popular Posts widget
    Adds option to remove author email from top of posts
    Fixes bug with links below article when Auto Load feature is disabled
    Fixes bug with third-level dropdowns
    Fixes bug with css for fashion skin
    Fixes bug with Disqus on Auto Load posts

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