Homeland v2.9.0 – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

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    Homeland is a premium WordPress theme for Real Estate websites. with minimalist approach, flat design and clean. Perfect solution for professionals and agencies working in the Real Estate domain. It expands its reach to more targeted audience and brings in more profits.
    version 2.9.0 (01-11-2016)
    - ADDED: 5 new background patterns
    - ADDED: location icon in single property page in header below property name
    - ADDED: working hours widget
    - ADDED: rtl function when it is enable
    - FIXED: CSS code for insert image with caption shortcode
    - FIXED: minor CSS issue on TGM plugin admin page
    - FIXED: minor CSS conflict of contact form 7 and codeex Shortcodes thickbox
    - FIXED: image post when no featured image is set for widget and page builder
    - FIXED: selectbox dropdown z-index position when sticky header is activated
    - FIXED: custom link menu padding issue when leave it empty
    - FIXED: single property page when featured image is not a specific property attachment
    - FIXED: page title displaying in homepage when header image is disable
    - FIXED: google map block in page builder when property have an empty lat/lng value
    - FIXED: tabs shortcode in mobile view
    - FIXED: login form template on mobile and tablet view
    - FIXED: registration link display when deactivated
    - FIXED: coming soon page template on mobile and tablet view
    - FIXED: google map display issue in property archive page
    - UPDATED: fontawesome icons version 4.5.0 compatibility
    - UPDATED: contact form 7 plugin version 4.3.1 compatibility
    - UPDATED: dsIDXpress plugin to version 2.1.28 compatibility
    - UPDATED: revolution slider to version 5.1.6 in our download package
    - UPDATED: to WordPress 4.4.1 compatibility
    - UPDATED: flexslider jQuery file to version 2.6.0
    - UPDATED: superfish jQuery file to version 1.7.7
    - UPDATED: jQuery google maps file to version 0.4.22
    - UPDATED: slicknav mobile menu jQuery file to version 1.0.6
    - UPDATED: services fontawesome icons list
    - UPDATED: aqua page builder to version 1.1.5
    - UPDATED: language localisations files (.mo/.po)
    - UPDATED: documentations
    - IMPROVED: blog tags padding element
    - IMPROVED: featured, flexslider and blog block in aqua page builder
    - IMPROVED: UI for category and archive widget when display as dropdown
    - IMPROVED: google map translations for property listings button
    - IMPROVED: newsletter design for sidebar and footer widgets
    - IMPROVED: theme widgets when viewing in tablet and mobile
    - IMPROVED: advance search, forum, popular post, calendar and contact form 7 widgets
    - IMPROVED: advance search codes arrangement
    - IMPROVED: page speed loading of this theme and optimised coding
    - IMPROVED: login and coming soon page template
    - CHANGED: testimonials post type admin dashicon

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