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    Javo Directory WordPress Theme is a best premium directory WP Template having great professional features as same as high authority blogs. It is 100% Fully Responsive WP Template having stunning functions such as it supports high resolution, widget ready, Compatible with WP v3.6 to v4.1 and latest, compatible with all major web browsers and electronic devices like Apple iOS, Android Phones and Tablets, and other PCs etc. It can be used for Companies, Community, Advertising Business, Corporate, Maps, Marketing, Portal, Reviews, Street-view, Rating, Categories etc.
    Version 2.2.4 – 24. Feb. 2016
    Improved : long text for button on Tab style map - map/list switch
    Improved : SSL - images (Map breif - featured image...)
    Improved : new popup page for visit website on Item lists
    Fixed : display amount of comments on single posts
    Improved : image responsive on single posts
    Improved : woocommerce input field text issue on firefox
    Imporved : woocommerce old templates
    Improved : Google map load on backend - better speed
    Fixed: preview on edit event page
    Improved : Content Settings hide (we don't use) on membership setting
    Fixed: preview on edit event page
    Fixed : Different default map coord ( theme setting >> map >> default map )
    Improved : possible to use javo inline category and author slider shortcodes
    Improved : delete button for profile images on mypage.
    Improved : delete button for item featured / event images

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