Mr. Tailor v2.0 – Responsive WooCommerce Theme

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    Mr. Tailor it’s a Clean, Modern, Flexible Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme. Can be used to build a Store / Blog / Corporate site in minutes.
    Version 2 — 31 December 2015
    This is not your average maintenance update. The long awaited Version 2.0 of Mr. Tailor is here, it is a major update and it brings 3 completely new demos and lots of new features you have been asking during 2015.
    3 Completely New Demos
    Main eCommerce Demo
    Indie eCommerce Store
    Startup / non-eCommerce Site
    Requested Features
    Visual Composer’s Front-End Editor is now available
    Improved Mobile Header a.k.a Sticky Mobile header
    Portfolio Functionality
    Lookbooks / Large WooCommerce Products Slider
    Improvements & Maintenance
    One Click Demo Import - no file upload requried
    Easier Theme Updates
    Easier Visual Composer Updates
    Visual Composer 4.9.1 included
    Improved Customizer Options
    Slider Revolution 5.1.X included
    Compatibility checked for WordPress 4.4
    Fixed: Recently Viewed Product not showing up on the single product page
    Fixed: Slider not working on product elements

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