RT-Theme 18 v1.7.1 – Responsive WordPress Theme

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    RT-Theme 18 is a premium WordPress theme with powerful CMS tools. You can use it for business, corporate, product catalog, services or portfolio web sites. The product and portfolio tools also give you wide opportunities to use in various services as tour itineraries, rent a car, real estate, hotel presentations and much more.
    RT-Theme 18 - v 1.7.1 - February 17, 2015
    [Recommended update for everyone. Includes a security fix and WooCommece 2.3+ compatibility]
    Improved: Security improvement
    Added: WooCommerce 2.3+ compatibility
    Fixed: Invisible project details and post navigation issues on single portfolio or single product page when assigned with a template
    Fixed: Missing social media icons in lightbox
    Fixed: Contact form submit messages fixed for WPML
    Improved: Sticky logo and drop down menu css

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