Shopkeeper v1.4.8 – Responsive WordPress Theme

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    Shopkeeper is a multi-purpose theme, it allows you to create sites for a wide range of industries and styles: online stores, product catalogs, blogs, portfolios, or corporate sites. When you start with an awesome product you can create amazing things!
    Built with the eCommerce functionality in mind, Shopkeeper is a fully responsive Premium WordPress Theme with a pixel perfect design and extensive functionality.
    Version 1.4.8 — December 10, 2015
    A new theme update is released to make available the latest version of Visual Composer 4.9, so don't forget to go to Shopkeeper > Plugins right after the theme is updated to update Visual Composer too.
    New: Option to Enable Disable the expandable footer on mobiles;
    Fixed: Porfolio misalignments on smaller devices;
    Fixed: Front-end Editor not loading on single portfolio page;
    Fixed: Numeric quantity field on mobiles;
    The plugin WooCommerce Header Category Images no longer required;
    Tested with WordPress 4.4

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