Smarty v2.5 – Portfolio & Shop WordPress Theme

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    Smarty v2.5 – Portfolio & Shop WordPress Theme

    Smarty is a profesional business, portfolio and eCommerce theme for WordPress built with Bootstrap and powered by Visual Composer. The theme design is flat and simple with vibrant colors and custom modules specially created for easy content management. The primary colors used are green, blue and grey specially chosen because of their visual influence on the user and their contribution to a better browsing and shopping experience. The shop module is powered by the well known WooCommerce plugin.
    Version 2.5 (28.04.2015)
    * Updated TGM-Plugin-Activation (security patch)
    * Updated Visual Composer to the latest version (v4.4.4)
    * Updated Slider Revolution to the latest version (v4.6.91 SkyWood)
    * Fixed page titles when WooCommerce is not installed
    * Fixed Twitter widget



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