The reason photography changes your life

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    There are many subjects and disciplines you can pursue, but photography is always a popular place for everyone, and these are the reasons photography changes your life.

    1. Photography makes you happie

    Many people may disagree, but Hoi An Photographer is likely to make you happier, the same is true for other pleasures.


    A photo can make your mood better than when you eat chocolate, listen to music, watch movies or drink alcohol, these things only increase your mood by 1% while the image increases 11%. Not only that, the art of photography also helps you to both pleasure and stress reduction in some cases.

    For some, photography is also a place of salvation for idle people, photography along with other artistic activities such as painting, coloring or writing, which is the nursery for creativity.

    2. Photography helps broaden the eyes and mind

    It is a fact that when taking photos, you have to look at the images in new camera angles, using different camera lenses. Usually no one sees things as photographers, not even artists.


    What does this mean? It means photography lets you see the ordinary things you never noticed. In addition, your brain is stimulated to see the problem from another perspective. That way, you’ll look at familiar things in a whole new direction.

    Photography requires that you get angles from unusual angles and perspectives. It also helps you see things from metaphorical perspectives and angles. So photography changes you for the better.

    3. Help you connect more people

    Hoi An Photographer is the best way to meet new people. If you take portraits, landscapes or products … you can easily meet new customers. Local photography groups are also places to meet and interact.


    But the bigger benefit is that photography can help strengthen relationships, especially with the important people in your life. For example, take pictures of your daughter’s graduation ceremony, take pictures of your grandson or show your mother amazing frames on this earth.

    Photos printed with Platinum Paladi alloy can be stored for thousands of years

    4. Save special moments

    This is one of the common benefits of photography, thanks to the development of science and technology, people today can easily store memories. A qualified photographer can take more honest and influential shots. You can record all kinds of things with your memories, such as the scene where you are eating cake, pictures of your friend’s birthday, graduation photo, wedding … even the ‘difficult’ moments. of my best friend.


    You can’t believe what each picture means. That’s why you should know some basic photography skills, then maybe this is not a hobby anymore, but a passion.

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    5. Help you get moving


    It may sound unbelievable, but photography can work with activities such as cooking, hiking, picnicking, hiking, visiting the zoo, meeting family and friends.

    According to a study in the journal Personality and Social Psychology, based on experiments through their own contexts and methods, they showed that photography excites people.

    In other words, even though the activities are less relevant, photography can help you be more active by turning passive passions into things that require more active participation.

    6. Make you more confident

    Not necessarily you are good, you have the skills you can be confident, there are quite a few special things in photography that still make you more confident.


    When you study photography, you start taking whatever you consider beautiful, and then you share it on Facebook or Instagram. Photography is where anyone who takes a photo is sympathized and appreciated, thus promoting confidence.

    7. You can earn extra income

    Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose a photography job is that you can earn extra income. There are many different ways to make money through images, such as selling photos online. Of course you can’t make a lot of money, but you can make a little bit, which is also a motivation for you.


    So, has photography made your life better?

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