Woffice v1.5.0 – Intranet Extranet WordPress Theme

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    Woffice v1.5.0 is a feature rich, powerful Multipurpose Intranet/Extranet WordPress theme.

    All is wrapped with an easy-to-customize design inspired by Google’s Material Design, giving it a beautifully modern feel and easy to navigate User Interface. Woffice is fully adaptable to a wide range of applications including Business & Government Intranets/Extranets, School Networks, any Community Network and Associations.
    November 13th, 2015 - Version 1.5.0
    - (NEW) Notification Icon in the topbar (Ajax powered)
    - (NEW) Blog template page
    - (NEW) Public Woocommerce product option
    - (IMPROVED) Overall design changes
    - (IMPROVED) Project Navigation
    - (IMPROVED) Compatibility with Buddypress 2.4.0
    - (IMPROVED) Mobile version
    - (IMPROVED) Sidebars titles
    - (IMPROVED) Woocommerce cart in the top bar
    - (FIXED) Minor CSS/HTML changes (bad tags removed)
    - (FIXED) Firefox compatibility (some CSS issues)
    - (FIXED) Requests template missing for Buddypress groups
    - (UPDATED) French translation (thanks to @Andrea!)
    - (UPDATED) All alka-web.com to woffice.io in the theme's files

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