A journey in the place of coffee land

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    There is a place called Coffee land, where pristine beauty is treasured and preserved; Many travelers have passed by on the way to find the value of their own life.

    People stop by, enjoy, be amazed and bring the seeds of ideas they see from the Coffee land to other parts of the human world. Coffee seeds, some seeds sprouting into flowers, live fully and bear fruit; but some seeds sprout into weeds, they develop on the roadside and have a harsh smell of coffee mixed with corn, beans, and butter. Coffee shops are called "clean" but the beans have transformed the scent of burning. The bitter cups of coffee are considered as the standard of the coffee-drinking culture. Weeds grow and eat almost anything else.

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    But the pristine flowers still thrive; they understand that their species is threatened by false beings, and they must live a beautiful life so that people can turn to the original beauty. Those flowers are proud of themselves in the morning sun, choose for themselves a different way of life, to live with people. They are proud but not haughty, they release a light incense in the wind, evoking a beautiful memory area in the minds of ordinary people; they are sprung with so much virgin beauty - simple, but so beautiful. They bring humanity back to the land of excellent coffee so that everyone can understand that coffee is wonderful right from the beginning.

    The long way they have gone, many petals faded before the wind of life, but many flower buds still sprung out, beautifully and dispel the weed.

    Our dear friends, over the past year, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has spent time walking on the land called Coffee and create the most beautiful flowers. Along the way, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has continuously searched for the best coffee beans, giving you invaluable coffee experience. Because the Factory knows that every cup of coffee will be a magical spice for ideas and breakthroughs, for youth and maturity.

    And along the way, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster goes slowly, but carefully to make sure to return the farmers the material and the spiritual value they are worth receiving. Finese coffee beans are not born in nature. It is thanks to the love and devotion of the workers.

    On the way, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has been on the right track with its mission set on the start date. Although there are many challenges ahead, with the love of dear friends and the inner strength gained by the workers, the Factory will continue to be a coffee stop of the Coffee land - for the experience of Finding Yourself Through Coffee.

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