Ait-Themes Theme + Plugin – Pack Update

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    Anchor v1.46 – WordPress Theme for Campsites.
    Band v1.41 – Theme for Bands & Musicians.
    Coffeebar v1.34 – Fullscreen WordPress Theme.
    City Guide v2.45 – Directory WordPress Theme.
    Event Guide v1.4 – Directory WordPress Theme.
    Expedition v1.17 – Theme for Guides and Travelers.
    Gourmet v1.55 – Theme for Restaurants & Bars.
    Hoteliour v1.58 – WordPress Theme for Hotels.
    Retro v1.45 – Niche eCommerce WordPress Theme.
    Langwitch v1.68 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme.
    Sushi v1.51 – Food Delivery WordPress Theme.
    SportClub v1.52 – Theme for Sport Clubs & League.
    Solitudo v2.64 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme.
    Widescreen v1.40 – Unique Portfolio & Online Store.
    Spa v1.51 – Health & Beauty WordPress Theme.
    Typo v1.55 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme.
    Advanced Filters v1.10 – Refine Your Search Results.
    AIT Languages v2.0.0 – Multilingual Support & Translations Plugin.
    Events Pro v1.2 – Rich Event Management.

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