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    Free Alike WordPress Plugin is a WordPress post comparison plugin. It will work with any post types or custom post type. e.g. property, cars, products anything.

    Nulled Alike WordPress plugin comes with a very flexible logic builder. Where you can add any data you want to add for comparison table display.

    Alike WordPress Plugin Features

    • Flexible comparison for wp
    • Works on with any post type
    • Two different theme available for table display
    • Customize image thumbnail size
    • Both hard and soft crop image for thumbnail
    • Drag&Drop
    • Customize table heading title
    • Customize table heading position
    • Star rating icons
    • WooCommerce products compare
    • Property compare
    • Listings compare
    • Shortcodes available
    • Widgets available
    • Translation ready with .pot files
    Download Nulled Alike WordPress Plugin

    Download Alike WordPress Plugin

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