Atelier v1.75 – Creative Multi-Purpose eCommerce Theme

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    Fully Responsive – tested across desktop browsers, iOS, and Android. Optional. Retina Ready – crystal clear icons & images, no need for any plugins. Built on Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1, with clean & semantic code. Demo Content Importer Plugin – Replicate the demo site or any of the 5 example sites with incredible ease, no manual uploading or configuring!
    Version 1.75
    Added option of showing Swift Slider slides in a random order
    Updated Revolution Slider to 5.1
    Updated Visual Composer plugin, due to XSS security issue
    Optimised included images to improve performance
    Improved ajax search results, whole item now clickable
    Improved image quality on Instagram images for the social blog grid
    Moved tracking code output to the head tag
    Fixed issue with naked header menu item colours
    Fixed directory issues
    Fixed meta issues

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