Blaszok v3.1.1 – Ultimate Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

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    Making a truly all-in-one easy to use theme is a goal that has been in my mind for a long time. I have been planning this project for months but the final development took us more then 3 months of work (sometimes more then 12 hours a day). I am really proud of the final result. We were able to make a beautiful, easy to use & fully customizable
    13/02/2015 - Version 3.1.1
    - NEW FEATURE: Author Box for single post view
    - IMPROVED: Visual Composer 4.4.2
    - IMPROVED: WooCommerce 2.3.3 Support
    - IMPROVED: Yith Wishlist 2.0.0 Support
    - IMPROVED: WPML Currency Switcher display
    - IMPROVED: Products Slider - hide Out Of Stock items
    - FIXED: WooCommerce Quickview issues
    - FIXED: Missing Font Color for Visual Composer 4.4+

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