Bounce v2.5 – Multi-Purpose Business WordPress/BuddyPress Theme

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    Bounce is a powerful, professional and fully responsive WordPress & BuddyPress theme. If you want to impress your visitors with a good looking theme then look no further.
    Version 2.5 (22-Sep-15)
    Update: Updated TGM Plugin Activation plugin to v2.5.2
    Update: Updated method for loading parent stylesheet in child theme
    Update: Added Yoast SEO to recommended plugins list
    Update: Added new browser page title implementation method
    Tweak: Prefixed all column classes to prevent conflicts with plugins
    Tweak: Index page now shows latest posts if no static page specified
    Fix: Fixed issue where excerpt length is not specified in plugins
    Fix: Post elements/widgets now display correctly on all BuddyPress pages
    Fix: Related posts now correctly ordered randomly
    Fix: Fixed Strict Standards errors
    Fix: Fixed a number of WP_DEBUG errors

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