Business Finder v2.17 – Directory Listing WordPress Theme

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    Business Finder theme is an absolutely unique theme inspired by our very successful Directory Theme we released few months ago. Business Finder theme is fully compatible with Directory theme, you can switch between themes without loosing your data [​IMG] There are many things added on top of the Directory theme functionality making Business Finder theme even better. Theme includes Easy Admin that simplify item administration.
    v2.17: 21st of November 2014
    Fix: Grid Gallery shortcode – images are properly loaded on multisite WP installation
    Fix: Grid Gallery shortcode – fixed some JS issues
    Fix: Portfolio Item metabox – fixed section titles and showing/hidding of sections via radio buttons
    Fix: Language Shortcode button – do not load it if WPML plugin is not active
    Fix: Shortcode Modal Window CSS
    Fix: Some PHP notices and warnings
    Fix: Items Categories – when category icon is not uploaded via Media Library but is inserted as external URL to the icon field, so just show this icon as it is without resizing on frontend (Advice: It is not so good idea to add icons directly from external sources, upload them to Media Library instead)

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