Car Dealer v1.1.0 – Auto Dealer Responsive WP Theme

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    Car Dealer / Auto Dealer / Automotive WordPress Theme best suits for car dealership or automotive companies that buy / sell / lease their vehicles online. This automotive wp theme connects both dealers (even if its independent car owner) and customers who are willing to buy a vehicle.
    RELEASE 1.1.0 (November 23, 2015)
    * added: Possibility to add self hosted video to video posts
    * added: Breadcrumbs
    * added: Animated custom banner shortcode
    * added: Page header bar
    * added: Footer columns number option
    * updated: Backend Framework
    * updated: Image shortcode
    * fixed: Boxed layout issue
    * fixed: Pagination on car listing and blog pages, when one of them set as front page
    * fixed: Google map widget
    * fixed: Verifying data in contact form

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