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    Free Notifire WordPress Plugin is a simple and intuitive way to display frontend notifications on your WordPress Website. Multiple options and features allow for various applications.

    Notifire WordPress Plugin Features
    • 8 different screen positions
    • 4 different icons
    • Easily add links to your message
    • Page specific notifications
    • Fully responsive
    • Works with every theme
    • Translation ready
    • Show notifications during a specific time period (dates & time of day)
    • Show notifications on specific pages, posts or custom url
    • Show notifications to specific user roles
    • Add extra display time if user hovers over the notification
    • Individual background and font colors
    • Optional close button for each notification
    • Optional progress bar to show display duration
    • Easily activate and deactivate notifications
    • AdBlock resistant
    • Sort notifications at the same position by date
    • Set background and font opacity
    • 3 different predefined styles (Default, Metro, Rounded)
    • Arbitrary HTML code as message
    Download Nulled Notifire WordPress Plugin
    Download Notifire WordPress Plugin

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