DynamiX v5.0.2 – Business / Corporate WordPress Theme

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    DynamiX v5.0.2 is a dynamic, fast responsive business WordPress theme. Whether you require an Ecommerce, Business, Woocommerce multilingual shop, Buddypress, bbpress, Corporate, Professional, Clean, Blog, Church, Fitness / Personal Training, Restaurant, Wedding or School site – DynamiX will suit your purpose.
    Version 5.0.2 - 20th August 2015
    - Revolution Slider update ( Fix for WP 4.3 )
    - WP 4.3 shortcode fixes
    - Customizer Fix for WP 4.3
    - Grid Gallery Shadow Fix
    - Desktop Only Sticky Header
    - Mobile Menu Font Styling Improved
    - Fix ability to select "Portfolio Categories"
    - Demo Data Fix

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