Eduma v1.4 Education WordPress Theme

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    Education WordPress theme – Education WP is a special build for an effective education & Learning Management System site. Being experienced in building LMS with previous theme eLearning WP, Education WP is the next generation & one of the best education WordPress themes which contains all the strength of eLearning WP and comes with better UI/UX. This is the first and only theme having the #1 LMS plugin LearnPress version stable 1.0 updated. Education WP theme will bring you the best LMS experience ever with super friendly UX and complete eLearning features.
    Education WP – 1.4
    + Improved widget footer bottom.
    + Updated style for shop.
    + Updated style for contact form.
    + Improved performance.
    + Improved RTL.
    + Updated DEMO data.
    + Updated ThimPress Events plugin.
    + Updated newest version of Revolution Slider plugin.

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