Fortuna v1.60 – Multi-Purpose Corporate WordPress Theme

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    Download Fortuna v1.60 | Premium Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

    Fortuna v1.60 is a clean, modern and responsive WordPress theme that allows unlimited freedom in design and customization. This WordPress theme is extremely feature-rich and powerful, yet very easy to manage, customize and create content with. Using the best Page Builder out there you can get your next website up and running in not time. Boosted with plenty of elements, features, customization options & other extras Fortuna’s lovely bundle features Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, 1200+ Ultra-sharp Icons, Unlimited Colors and Fonts, Powerful Admin Panel, Woocommerce integration, Easy Demo import, Top-notch support, Extensive Documentation & many more. You Can Download Previous Version Of this WordPress theme Fortuna v1.11 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme.


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