Gauge v4.2 – Multi-Purpose Review Theme

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    Gauge v4.2 is the ultimate review theme that allows you to create extensive reviews for any kind of content including games, movies, food etc. Each review item has it’s own centralised hub page with tabbed navigation where you can display all the news, videos and images relating to that item. Each item can be reviewed by both admins and users and this all comes packaged in a fully responsive, clean and modern design.
    Version 4.2 (29-Oct-15)
    Fix: Hub field filtering now works with ajax filtering
    Fix: Minor styling fixes
    Fix: Fix responsiveness of review page sidebar in top postion
    Fix: Fixed issue with WooCommerce default settings not saving upon plugin activation
    Fix: Ranking element no longer display hub and reviews when only hubs set
    Fix: Post tags box showing on individual posts again

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