Goodnews v5.8.2 – Responsive WordPress News/Magazine

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    Goodnews v5.8.2 Premium WordPress News/Magazine Theme is a Responsive Magazine Style WP Template having great user friendly features. It has been designed considering three priorities during the development of this awesome web-structure; The Interest, The Experience and The Aspirations of the user. It is suitable for all level users such as Newbies, Intermediate and Professional users, as it is designed for every user so everyone can easily customize it quickly and accurately. It has been using by many webmasters including bloggers and pro-bloggers, so you should also use it without any compromise.
    Version 5.8.2 (16 December 2015)
    - Add Compatibility to wordpress 4.4
    - Fix Google Rich snippets for Articles and reviews
    - Add Shortcodes editor addon to add shortcodes in editor in visual mode and text mode (install it from appearance -> install plugins)
    - Add Popular post option to news ticker
    - Add Center Logo option
    - Add option to display share buttons at the top of article
    - Add option to disable lightbox in WordPress Gallery
    - Update Visual composer to version 4.9
    - Add support for Buddypress cover image
    - Fix user avatar size in Buddypress
    - Add option to display tags in post meta in single post
    - A lot of improvements

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