GoodStore v2.1.1 – WooCommerce Responsive Theme

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    Our customers which loves our modern beautiful design made with Good Store shopping theme a plenty of trendy and reliable stores with goods like: clothing, electronics, lingerie, shoes, books, womens fashion, furniture, jewelry, pet supplies, tablets & mobil, perfumes, computers, musical instruments, etc.
    2.1.1 (11. 2. 2015)
    Add: Title attribute at products Name
    Improve: Demo Import
    Fix: Problem with essential grid
    Fix: Top Bar Woo search
    GoodStore v2.1.1 – WooCommerce Responsive Theme

    Version    2.1.1
    Compatible with    WPML
    WooCommerce 2.3.xWooCommerce 2.2.xWooCommerce 2.1.x
    Support    WordPress 4.1
    WordPress 4.0WordPress 3.9WordPress 3.8
    Layouts    Responsive
    Columns    4
    Designers    ThemeForest
    Added    20

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