Homeland v2.8.3 – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

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    Homeland v2.8.3 is a premium WordPress theme for Real Estate websites. with minimalist approach, flat design and clean. Perfect solution for professionals and agencies working in the Real Estate domain. It expands its reach to more targeted audience and brings in more profits.
    version 2.8.3 (11-04-2015)
    - ADDED: random options for sort by options in property
    - ADDED: new option for property advance search layout
    - FIXED: default slider issue when image slider is small
    - FIXED: image width issue for portfolio widget in sidebar area
    - FIXED: custom selectbox advance search in chrome browser scroll issue
    - FIXED: advance search for minimum and maximum price issue
    - FIXED: portfolio list header element minor issue
    - FIXED: alignment issue of footer layout 6 in mobile view
    - IMPROVED: header layout in mobile landscape view
    - IMPROVED: header images when hidden and added callback page title and subtitle
    - IMPROVED: booking calendar color scheme
    - UPDATED: language localisation files (.po/.mo)
    - UPDATED: custom selectbox jQuery to newer version
    - UPDATED: TGM plugin activation file
    - UPDATED: revslider to new version 5.1
    - UPDATED: superfish jQuery file to version 1.7.6

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