Jupiter v4.4 – Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

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    Jupiter v4.4 is the product of countless hours of research, brainstorming and coding from the industry veterans at the hive!
    V4.4 - September 9, 2015
    New Feature : New Template : Autonoe
    New Feature : New Template : Leda
    New Feature : Visual Composer updated to V4.7
    New Feature : Yoast Breadcrumb support. plugin breadcrumbs will be used if activated.
    New Feature : News archive template added and categories in loop converted to archive loop links
    New Feature : TGM Plugin updated to 2.5.2
    New Feature : Master Slider updated to V2.20.1
    New Feature : Revolution Slider updated to V5.0.7
    New Feature : Fancy Title shortcode option to strip tags from the editor.
    Improvement : Blog + news + portfolio loops : offset and pagination now works together
    Improvement : Breadcrumb SEO improvements
    Improvement : Woocommerce recent orders list table responsive improvement
    Improvement : Custom Box shortcode will now accept rows and columns as well
    Improvement : Theme dark skin some improvements for better compatibility

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