KALLYAS v4.0.8.1 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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    We found our theme used for so many niches, it’s incredible how flexible the theme is, whether for real estate, hotel, furniture shop, fitness, brico, interior, a school, university or agency, even church and nonprofit and so many other fields. It’s an awesome adventure and we’re thrilled when we see our work, used in so many domains and industries.
    UPDATE / 13.11.2015
    Added: “None” as option for several elements that are using Subheader Styles. ( Note: for those that had animated sparkles option in the Default subheader option, you will either have to select “None” in the element, or simply go to Kallyas options > General Options > Default subheader and disabled Animated sparkles )
    Added: Shortcode for current year (for example to be used in copyright text, eg [ht_year] and it’ll always display the current year )
    Added: Styles for multi-level StepByStep menu in Footer
    Updated: Revolution slider to latest 5.1.1
    Fixed: horizontal tabs not saving content in certain circumstances
    Fixed: Shop presentation element’s navigation arrows were over the Sticky menu
    Fixed: Misspelled words in the Kallyas options – options.

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