KingSize v5.1.3 – Fullscreen Background WordPress Theme

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    KingSize v5.1.3 WordPress is now a fully responsive fullscreen background WordPress theme that comes packed with 6 different Gallery types, unique Portfolios and 4 different layouts options for each Portfolio and Galleries. The ideal solution for Artists, Bloggers, Businesses, Designers, Photographers and more. Making the best of fullscreen backgrounds, Portfolios and 5 very unique Portfolios to choose from. Create every page and post with unique backgrounds, sliders, videos and more that help it stand apart from other pages / posts.
    - Fixed: Jumpy backgrounds on Internet Explorer.
    - Fixed: Videos not closing on iOS when played / exited.
    - Fixed: Videos not displaying properly in Chrome.
    - Fixed: Styling was not applying to Social Networks.
    - Fixed: Comment form wasn't displaying when logged in.
    - Fixed: Resolved wp_debug issues when enabled.
    - Improved: Added more current support for WPML.
    - Improved: Video performance on all devices.
    - Improved: Language files updated with current release.

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