KLEO v3.1.1 – Next level WordPress Theme

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    Extremely flexible, Fully customizable WordPress Multi-Purpose theme to fit your demanding needs.
    You no longer need to be a professional developer or designer to create an awesome website. Easily create a stunning community, company presentation, mobile website or membership website. Create the site of your dreams now.
    KLEO v3.1.1 is compatible with latest versions of WordPress 4.4 & BuddyPress 2.3…
    Version 3.1.1 – 10.11.2015
    - IMPROVEMENT: Visual composer Row element: Allowed background color to be set when using background image
    - Allow custom category display type at individual category level ( knowledge base listing style included - overrides the whole archive template )
    - Fixed a php notice in the recent posts widget
    - Fix for single image elements that were growing out of their wrapping container
    - Fixed Featured items box style that were not 100% width of the column
    - Fixed am isolated Javascript error generated by Kleo page metaboxes and Visual composer
    - Updated Visual composer to 4.8.1 version

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