MAG = Grid Magazine / News WordPress Theme v1.6

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    MAG = Grid Magazine / News WordPress Theme is a modern and clean Magazine / Blog / Personal WordPress Theme. Some of the majore features of MAG are responsive layout with Fly-Out Navigation for Mobile and Tablets This is a Highly Customisable Responsive Menu Plugin, with 45 customisable options. The plugin creates a nice three-lined menu button (or custom image if you choose) that users can click to bring a slide out menu (from the left or right, again your choice), which is easily navigated.
    Version: 1.6 – February 11, 2015
    – Improved: Added css opacity for the images used in the slider.
    – Fixed: Comment form issue on Chrome.
    – Fixed: Entry banner 300×250 issue on Chrome.
    – TIP: This is a simple change, if you don’t want to update the all theme

    Download MAG = Grid Magazine / News WordPress Theme v1.6

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