OXY v2.2 – Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

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    OXY is a modern and fully responsive WordPress theme for any type of store, inspired by the best eCommerce solutions and designed with usability in mind.
    Now you can create a fully functional store on WordPress!
    OXY is built on Foundation Framework by Zurb which is currently known as the most powerful responsive framework.
    You can change everything! The Most Powerful Theme Admin Panel with 600+ useful features, options and settings allows you to do extreme customizations without knowing any HTML or CSS.
    26-8-2015 - v2.2
    jQuery.browser method has removed from jquery 1.9, $.browser method has replaced with javascript navigator.userAgent property in wp-content/themes/oxy/js/common.js.
    Header white background issue in mobile display.
    Due to Tgm activation plugin update, wp-content/themes/oxy/functions.php updated.
    Due to fix oxy_product_cat shortcode improper category thumbnail size issue. Now image size is compatible with woocommerce catalog image size

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