PetSitter v1.5.2 – Job Board Responsive WordPress Theme

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    PetSitter is the perfect choice for anyone creating a website to list job vacancies related to pets or pet oriented sites.
    Version 1.5.2 – August 14, 2015
    * [new] Add option to change placeholder image for employer/candidates
    * [new] Typography option for Header Top Bar text/links
    * [new] Add option to remove post date from Blog Posts
    * [update] TGMPA updated to 2.5.2
    * [update] FontAwesome 4.4.0
    * [update] Reviewer 3.6.1 + URL-to-Login field
    * [tweak] Display slides by order (not date as before)
    * [tweak] Option to filter `[resumes_feed]` shortcode by featured, non-featured, both
    * [tweak] Replace current breadcrumb with ‘Breadcrumb Trail’ plugin
    * [tweak] Title tags support via add_theme_support( ‘title-tag’ )
    * [tweak] Files Update of WPJM plugins to latest versions compatibility
    * [tweak] Add images to Recent/Featured Resumes widgets
    * [tweak] Add images to Recent/Featured Jobs widgets
    * [tweak] More flexible height of Header Top Bar
    * [tweak] Add ‘selected_region’ parameter for `[jobs]`
    * [tweak] Option to choose button style in `[posts]` shortcode
    * [tweak] FontAwesome 4 Menus plugin removed from ‘Required plugins’ list
    * [tweak] Update FontAwesome icon names (regarding to 4.4.0 update)
    * [tweak] Primary/Secondary colors for Buttons
    * [tweak] Ability to update bundled plugins via Admin Dashboard tweak
    * [tweak] Ability to choose colors for Icoboxes (primary or secondary color)
    * [fix] Update Sample Data XML file
    * [fix] Remove Resume Contact button on Resume Preview Page
    * [fix] Remove buttons in Header Top Bar if menus are empty
    * [fix] Primary/Secondary colors for Testimonials
    * [fix] WC Paid Listings Pricing Tables visual styling
    * [fix] Gallery Images Field for Job/Resume multiple upload issue
    * [fix] Link color of ‘btn-link’
    * [fix] Long name displaying issue in reviews
    * [fix] Add icons (‘marker’ and ‘calendar’) for resume list
    * [doc] Update Reviewer plugin Documentation

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