PetSitter v1.7.0 – Job Board Responsive WordPress Theme

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    PetSitter is the perfect choice for anyone creating a website to list job vacancies related to pets or pet oriented sites. PetSitter includes one of the greatest options panel — Redux Theme Options. PetSitter comes with a lot of shortcodes so you can create any type of content you needed. Even if you are creating a blog about cats, dogs or other pets, then this theme is a good option. PetSitter comes with a nice selection of post formats for displaying different types of content on your blog, including galleries, images, videos, quotes, and links.
    Version 1.7.0 – February 29, 2016
    * [new] Add custom field for Header info
    * [new] Add 'Email' option for [team member] shortcode
    * [new] Progress bar label positions (inside & outside)
    * [tweak] Add option to edit jobs/resumes search fields placeholders via Theme Options
    * [tweak] Styling for Clean Login widget
    * [tweak] Check for empty fields on Contacts page
    * [tweak] Word break rule for job description
    * [tweak] Update WooCommerce files in the theme due to latest version compatibility
    * [tweak] Register message styling (jobs/resumes)
    * [update] Bootstrap 3.3.6
    * [update] Font Awesome 4.5.0
    * [update] Reviewer Plugin update to 3.10.0 (check docs)
    * [update] Translation files
    * [fix] WPJM Geolocation and RM Geolocation Google auto-complete issue

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