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    Point Finder Directory Theme was designed to allow you to create a listing & directory website as you wish. You can create your own customized system within minutes thanks to its customizable fields and search system. Point Finder offers you a lot of control over Google Map, and it is unique with its superior features. You can obtain more information about our theme by browsing Real Estate, Car Rental, Construction and Directory demos we prepared for you to demonstrate the features of our theme. You can install the same version of our demo website to your own website with Quick Setup. The websites you can create with Point Finder is only limited by your imagination…
    v1.6.3 03/11/2015
    +New: One click review approval.
    +New: One click item approval.
    +New: Dashboard: View count for my items page.
    +New: Dashboard Cart: Show/Hide option for cart.
    +New: Enable/Disable for item detail page post date.
    +New: Printable invoices for my invoices section.
    +New: Invoice style & settings panel created -> Additional Settings > Invoice Settings
    +New: Dashboard: User profile -> Address/VAT/Country fields added.
    +New: Profile page photo for reviews.
    +New: Horizontal Search open/close at startup.
    +New: Review edit link added for admin emails.
    +New: Visual Composer 4.8 support for shortcodes.
    +New: Bank Transfer approved email for Membership System
    +New: Listing Type Text link Enable/Disable.
    +New: Open item detail in a new window -> Enable/Disable.
    +New: Get Directions system updated.
    +New: Random posts for Featured Items Widget.
    +New: Agent filters for Related Listings.
    +New: Terms & Conditions added for Membership Plans.

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