PrivateContent 5.231 – Multilevel Content Plugin

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    PrivateContent plugin is a powerful, yet easy, solution to boost wordpress, turning it into a true multilevel membership platform. Take advantage from advanced users management features and restrict any part of your website. Everything without coding skills!

    PrivateContent Plugin Features

    • Users membership
    • Contents restriction systems: (based on user categories)
    • Login form and logout button with custom redirects
    • Users reserved area with preset contents and private comments
    • WP users sync to allow WP-based systems usage + WP role emulator
    • Three preset form styles + custom skin builder
    • Customizable messages
    • 100% translatable + 18 frontend languages ready to be used + WPML ready
    • Dev-friendly API structure + hooks
    • Modular structure
    Download Nulled PrivateContent Plugin

    Download PrivateContent Plugin

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