Reales WP v1.0.3 – Real Estate WordPress Theme

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    Reales WP is a WordPress premium real estate theme with a modern, clean, intuitive, and fully responsive design, that looks perfect on any size tablet or mobile screen. It is loaded with lots of features like Front-end property submission and edit, Advanced autocomplete search, Google Maps integration, Advanced Properties filter, Useful shortcodes, Custom colors, Login with Facebook and Google accounts, Front-end agents registration, Add properties to favourites and a lot more.
    v1.0.3 – May 01, 2015
    FIXED xxx undefined function in favourite_properties.php
    FIXED login with social accounts
    FIXED css delivery optimization
    NEW mandatory option to the property custom fields
    NEW dsIDXpress plugin compatibility (dsIDXpress plugin is optional)
    NEW email notification for admin when agent is submitting a property
    NEW email notification for agent when property is approved
    NEW pages/homepage images/slideshow shadow layer opacity option
    NEW change pin position by address option

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