Salient v7.0.7 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

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    Salient v7.0.7 is an ultra responsive, beautiful WordPress theme that is perfect for freelancers, photographers, designers and creative agencies alike. Its stunning design and layout capabilities will give your portfolio pieces the attention they deserve. One of the great feature of this theme is that you can run video backgrounds on this theme, which is quite a unique feature. Salient has quite clean layout, this theme comes with nicely laid theme options which makes very easy to make changes in this theme, that is why it is one of the most popular theme right now.
    Version 7.0.7
    Fixed dark Nectar Slide nav item hover/active to be dark as intended when not using animated underline
    Fixed gradient row overlay to work on single blog posts if used
    Fixed ipad pro portrait animated elements not showing
    Fixed pie charts not displaying on front when used on the same page as a blog element
    Added in Nectar Slider font size overrides for various viewports
    Fixed minimal form styling to work in footer widget & password protected page correctly
    Fixed back button to work on mobile safari with center reveal mask page transition
    fixed youtube video embed with magnific on nectar slider
    Updated blog dummy data
    Fixed latest IE edge video BG issues
    Fixed Nectar Slider autorotate timer to start once slider has fully loaded in
    Updated Visaul Composer to latest release
    Fixed column offset to work when setting the first column in a row to use one on desktop mode
    Fixed testimonial slider autorotate timing to work correctly with multiple visible style
    Fixed wp video shortcode to size correctly inside of tabbed element

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