Second Touch v1.7.5 – Powerful metro styled theme

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    Second Touch v1.7.5 is clean, retina ready, fully responsive metro style theme. Its powerful customization capabilities enable you to create your outstanding website easy and fast. Its super modern metro style will draw your attention once and for all. And its responsive design will make your site look wonderful on each screen size device.
    Version 1.7.5., September 14, 2015
    -Added demo data importer with images-
    -Updated Metro Visual Builder for WordPress 4.3.-
    -Fixed Featured post module-
    -Added custom color text option to Text and Text with iage module-
    -Fixed bug in Video post format-
    -Fixed display of advanced custom fields on the frontend-
    -Updated translation file-
    -Fixed Flickr icon in header-
    -Fixed Sidebar Generator plugin bug-
    -Fixed responsive view for Featured post module-
    -UPdtaed Woocommerce templates-
    -Added feature to use shortcodes in Footer text option-
    -Fixed responsive issue om Magazine layout related to the space on right-
    -Added possibility to create more than 1 timeline-
    -Added option to remove social icons from the contacts page-
    -Improved option to disaboe stunning header-
    -Added filterable panel for portfolio masonry + sidebar-
    -Added autoscroll feature to REcent post row module-
    -Improved Instagram widget-
    -Fixed Facebook widget

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