The7 v3.4.2 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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    The7 is THE most customizable WordPress theme on the market. It features 630+ design customization options. People new to multipurpose WordPress themes will be delighted with The7 Design Wizard. It allows to choose basic settings like branding, colors, header layout, etc. and intelligently calculates all the rest. Voila, your pro-grade site design is ready in mere minutes.
    v.3.4.2 (Mar 11, 2016)
    1. New demo "The7 Product" in Apple aesthetics;)
    2. Eliminated deprecated fonts embedding in demo sliders.
    3. New: Bulk actions for Product page sidebars & featured images in Blog posts.
    4. Improvements to Fancy Separators shortcode.
    5. Improvements to Contact Form 7 styling.
    6. Improvement: WPML footer widget area translation.
    7. Fixed: incorrect mega-menu positioning and menu cut-off in boxed layouts.
    8. Fixed: WooCommerce subcategory name is not displayed.
    9. Fixed: Stripe 3 + Fancy Title element + title-color:title does not work.
    10. The7 v.2 WooCommerce compatibility update.
    11. Other minor improvements and fixes.

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