Toranj v1.7 – Responsive Creative WordPress Theme

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    Unique, Versatile, Elegant and Flexible were the sticky words in our mind during design and developing this template. Toranj is trying to bring the combination of beauty and power to the table and it’s suitable for a wide range of applications. For Creative Portfolio, Photography, Videography, Digital Agency, Interior Design to Personal Blogging and Magazine and even Creative Corporate websites, Toranj has the features alongside a modern design.
    v 1.7.0 – 10 August 2015
    - Added autoupdate feature and options to theme options
    - Added native WordPress media uploader to Bulk Gallery and Kenburn slider plugins
    - Added unlimited submenu levels capability to main menu
    - Fixed $.isotope error in RTL version
    - Fixed Pinterest link share bug
    - Fixed “modernizr.js is missing”
    - Fixed getimagesize function error in function-assets.php
    - Enhanced password protected galleries sidebar visibility
    - Enhanced Bulk gallery and Kenburn slider admin icons
    - Updated Visual Composer to v 4.6.2
    - Updated MasterSlider plugin to 2.18.2
    - Updated Kenburn slider plugin
    - Updated Bulk Gallery plugin

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