Total v2.1.2 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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    Total v2.1.2 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

    Total is a clean, modern and responsive WordPress theme designed to be customized. The theme was created with many different niches and professions in mind – bloggers, online stores, lawyers, agencies, wedding planners, hosting companies, nonprofits and more. Just have a look at some of our industry specific homepage examples to get an idea of just what kind of magic Total is capable of. The theme is packed to the brim with great features like WooCommerce integration or Unlimited Portfolios. At a price that is less than a tank of gas there’s no reason not to get Total today and start building your new website!
    otal v2.1.2 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

    Version    2.1.2
    Compatible with    WPML
    WooCommerce 2.3.xWooCommerce 2.2.xbbPress 2.5.xEvents Calendar
    Support    WordPress 4.2
    WordPress 4.1WordPress 4.0
    Layouts    Responsive
    Designers    ThemeForest
    Added    25


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