Tripod v3.7 – Professional WordPress Photography Theme

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    Tripod is a responsive drag-and-drop layout builder WordPress theme intended to power professional photographers blogs or sites coming with complex image gallery options.
    version 3.7 (January 15th, 2015)
    - New option for adding new fonts, in Typography;
    - Next / previous post buttons added to Vertical / Mosaic galleries;
    - Enhanced functionality for thumbnail custom links: if an image link is added, the link will be opened in Pretty Photo Lightbox;
    Tripod v3.7 – Professional WordPress Photography Theme

    Version    3.7
    Compatible with    WooCommerce 2.2
    Support    WordPress 4.1
    WordPress 4.0WordPress 3.9WordPress 3.8WordPress 3.7WordPress 3.6,
    Layouts    Responsive
    Columns    3
    Designers    ThemeForest

    Download Professional WordPress Photography Theme

    Tripod v3.7 Professional WordPress Photography Theme

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