Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress 1.4.4

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    Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress 1.4.4 - website chia sẻ theme wordpress miễn phí, share code wordpress bán hàng, làm trang tin tức công ty.

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    210+ hacks & tweaks out of the box without programming in 38 categories.

    Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress Features

    • Remove “— WordPress” from title – suffix will be deleted from admin page title
    • “WordPress” rename – rename globally all words to your own CMS name
    • Admin bar logo button
    • Admin Footer Message
    • Remove “Screen Options” panel – contextual options panels will be deleted in all pages
    • Remove “Help” panel – contextual help panels will be deleted in all pages
    • Smooth scroll in Chrome
    • Enable fast click on Touch-devices
    • Load jQuery from CDN
    • Remove version parameter from css/js files
    • Search off – if you are using Google Search you can turn off default search
    • Redirect to single result
    • Pretty url
    • Search by title only
    • Define number of posts per result page
    • Automatically email contributor when their post is published
    • Show empty categories – need this if you wanna group categories in empty category
    • Categories include/exclude
    • Tags include/exclude
    • Remove WordPress generator tag
    • Custom “generator” META-tag
    • Add nosniff header
    • Add xss protection header
    • Prevent embedding inside an iframe
    • Expire Protected Page Cookie
    • Disable file editing in admin area
    • Remove Really Simple Discovery tag – used by different desktop and online blog clients
    • Disable Pingbacks
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    Download Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

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