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    VideoTouch is ultra responsive, retina ready, and built on Twitter Bootstrap framework. It features a clean, modern and interesting design, packed with the super powerful TouchSize Layout Builder which offers unlimited possibilities and options. Our Page Builder is at the core of our theme, giving you full control over your website and lets you create sites that suits your needs. The builder incorporates some incredible features making it one of the most versatile themes on the market . If you’re looking for a theme that will offer you the possibility to create any website – VideoTouch is the one.
    version 1.3
    fixed author box for single posts (global option)
    fixed global meta disable option for single video (global)
    fixed title issue with quotes for sharing in video post
    fixes for the WooCommerce single page thumbnail
    fix for the text element in the layout builder
    list custom posts types element fixed
    post type authorization for the front-end submission
    added custom posts in search
    added option for multiple menus on the page
    added possibility to change the custom post type slugs
    fixed the post meta option for video posts
    fixed avatar for users
    fixed ribbon banner for the mobile views
    fixed aspect ratios for video players
    fixed facebook like box for mobile
    added more seo functionality by default
    fixed the shopping cart align issues
    fixed data validation for user registration
    fixed the user role issues
    minor CSS fixes
    code optimization

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