WPVoyager v1.0.6 – Travel Blog WordPress Theme

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    WPVoyager is a Premium Travel Blog Theme for WordPress with a bold modern feel that warms the heart of the weary traveller…step inside and see for yourself.
    * category pages can nam display map with posts only from viewed category or any custom map. You can choose which one in category edit screen (you can also choose to display just posts without map)
    * you can adjust icon size in Settings -> TravellerPress
    * you can disable the 'Related Posts' or rename it in Theme Options
    * added Page Template with Slider
    * Global Map as an option to display on any static page
    * Post Series now display map with all posts from the series
    * Videos in Video Post Type are now automatically added to content in single view
    * Post Series has it's own settings for layout in Theme Optiobs -> Blog
    * WPVoyager Posts now can display posts from selected category and with different orderby settings
    * Fixed description for post series

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